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Bandana: Le peintre de ciel: La Tour...
IGBA 6188
Maïlo / M-L Vareilles
25 x 50 cm

Bandana: Pluie de couleurs
IGBA 8381
Maïlo / M-L Vareilles
25 x 50 cm

Bandana: L`alpagueur de ballons
IGBA 8382
Maïlo / M-L Vareilles
25 x 50 cm

Bandana: Impressions urbaines : think d
IGBA 9143
Maïlo / M-L Vareilles
25 x 50 cm

New items from  Patrice Murciano

IG 9614-POD
IG 9612-POD
La Vie en Roses 2
IG 9615-POD
IG 9611-POD
IG 9607-POD
Homo Gamer - noir
BIG 9604-POD
Black Kong
IG 9605-POD
Wild Light
IG 9609-POD

That is not enough for you? HERE you will find more.

Art Prints behind glass in an aluminium frame

The high-quality aluminium removable frame has a narrow, thin strip - in line with the latest trends. The slats are satin matt and painted in the highest quality. On the back is the removable frame closure system including a picture hanger. The frames are available in three colours: Pearl Mercury, black, white.

A motif in the same format can be exchanged at any time if required. The glass protects the motif from dust and gives the whole picture a valuable character. The back of the frame is a dimensionally stable MDF hardboard.

Discover now the colorful world of our ATHOS series!

Classic Car VII
IG 9558-POD
Hillert, Peter

Classic Car II
IG 9553-POD
Hillert, Peter

Classic Car I
IG 9552-POD
Hillert, Peter

Classic Car VI
IG 9557-POD
Hillert, Peter

Blue Car
IG 9551-POD
Hillert, Peter

Classic Car IV
IG 9555-POD
Hillert, Peter

Classic Car III
IG 9554-POD
Hillert, Peter

Classic Car V
IG 9556-POD
Hillert, Peter


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