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Artist of the day: Mikael B. Design
World of Life, In Heaven
IG 7239-POD
B. Design, Mikael

Minimal Blue
IG 6617-POD
B. Design, Mikael

Minimal Red
IG 6618-POD
B. Design, Mikael

Dark Storm Plain
IG 6615-POD
B. Design, Mikael

Art inspires people - everywhere in every room!

We have them: creative artists, designers and photographers. Select your ideal picture from over 7,000 designs and have it custom-made on your choice of materials: high-quality canvas, Alu-Dibond, Plexi acrylic glass or various grades of fine art paper. Or simply pick a standard-format art print in a top-quality wooden frame with 6 available colours. Either order directly from us through our webshop or visit your local dealer, look at the options we offer and buy from them.

Discover new abstract painting!
4 x 4
IG 9324-POD
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel VII
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel XV
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel X
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel XVIII
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel XII
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel XVII
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel XVI
Groenhart, Jan

4 x 50 x 50
IG 9323-POD
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel I
IG 9323A-POD
Groenhart, Jan

Ohne Titel II
IG 9323B-POD
Groenhart, Jan

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Humano - Diptyque I
IG 9368-POD
Bécam, Carole

Humano - Diptyque II
IG 9369-POD
Bécam, Carole

Nomada - Diptyque I
IG 9366-POD
Bécam, Carole

Nomada - Diptyque II
IG 9367-POD
Bécam, Carole

Trace - Diptyque I
IG 9364-POD
Bécam, Carole

Trace - Diptyque II
IG 9365-POD
Bécam, Carole

La diferencia
IG 6565-POD
Bécam, Carole

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