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The Delicate Lady
Roch, Martine

No Bunny Cares
Buxton, Michael

IGP 8278
Botman, Loes
14 x 14 cm
Per pack of 10

Four Eyes
Heffernan, Lucia

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The waiting has come to an end - The One and Only is back!

The new International Graphics 2020 GmbH has achieved another milestone in bringing one of our previously most successful artists, Inna Panasenko, back into the fold!

We now have all Inna motives in our online shop again! To start with, all images will be available as POD in whatever size you like on canvas and paper , aluminium , plexi and wood, and some will also be available as standard art prints. But from 01.05.2020 nearly all of them will be in stock as art prints too.

Highheels - Romance
IG 1943-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Highheels - Obsession
IG 1944-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Highheels - Coolness
IG 1945-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Highheels - Wild Passion
IG 1946-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toro I
IG 2779-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toro II
IG 2780-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toro III
IG 2781-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toro IV
IG 2782-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Conquistatore passionate
IG 3210-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Conquistatore selvaggio
IG 3211-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Conquistatore ambizioso
IG 3212-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Conquistatore dolce
IG 3213-POD
Panasenko, Inna

La corrida I
IG 3020-POD
Panasenko, Inna

La corrida II
IG 3021-POD
Panasenko, Inna

La corrida III
IG 3022-POD
Panasenko, Inna

La corrida IV
IG 3023-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Minotaureus II
IG 3357-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Triple Passion
IG 7266-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Scarpe da Cocktail
IG 7267-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Minotaureus I
IG 3356-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toros I
IG 3535-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toros II
IG 3536-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toros III
IG 3537-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toros IV
IG 3538-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toros V
IG 3539-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toros VI
IG 3540-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toros VII
IG 3541-POD
Panasenko, Inna

Toros VIII
IG 3542-POD
Panasenko, Inna


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