Postcards (IG)

Discover the exquisite little treasures in our collection;
each specially-printed postcard (IGP) with UV-varnish is a visual delight. Insist on the best! The cards are printed on 350 gram paper. They are packed in sets of ten. Our postcards measure: 14 x 14 cm/5.5 x 5.5".
Ivory coloured envelopes are available (IGE 01).

Postcards (by Wild Apple)
72 unusual postcard images in size 14 x 14 cm by the American publisher "Wild Apple" . Romantic themes such as butterflies and birds are the big trend this spring on all stationery fairs: be sure to partake in this popular trend! Besides the visual appeal of the "Wild Apple" collection our new printing technology, gives these cards a wonderfully "soft touch" feel!

Greeting Cards
Decorative art enriches our lives – not only through pictures on the wall, but also through attractive greeting cards. These are based on proven best-selling images.
The cards are without text, in a proven 16 x 16 cm (6.3 x 6.3?") format, printed with a high quality spot-varnish finish on 235 gms board. They are packed in 6s and come protected in a cello-bag with envelope.Additionally, each card has a unique feature on the back – a QR code which allows smart-phone users to scan it and instantly obtain further information on our website.

Postcards on Silver Foil
The favourite postcard size 14 x 14 cm on a new material. Trendy motives on Silver Foil. Fitting grey coloured envelopes are available (IGE 05).

Mark it with art!
In our assortment you will find high quality bookmarks, each enhanced with UV-varnish highlighting and partially with the new  "soft touch"! The size of our bookmarks "IGB" is 5 × 20 cm, 2 × 7.9?". The bookmarks are printed on 400 gram paper. They are packed in sets of ten. 
Ivory coloured envelopes are available (IGE 04: 6 × 20,5 cm, 2.4 × 8?“).